Who Convinces You Of Your Righteousness?

You Are Righteous!!

If someone gave you a gift (righteousness[innocence]) based on the merits of Jesus (not your own merits) then why would they keep reminding you of your sin? Absurd? Yes it is! The Holy Spirit reminds you of your righteousness, (what Jesus did at the cross for you) not sin.

John 16:8-11 8 and when He (The Holy Spirit) has come, He will convict (convince) the WORLD of sin, and of righteousness and of judgement. (Vs 9-11 Jesus clarifies this statement). 9 of sin (singular, because it is the sin of unbelief) because THEY (the world) do not “believe” Me. (Here He speaks of the unbelieving WORLD, not you the believer). 10 Of righteousness because I go to my Father and YOU ( now he is talking about you and me the believing ones) see me no more. 11 Of judgement because the ruler of this world is judged.

Sometimes we just accept what we have heard from the pulpit, such as “the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin” as the gospel, however when we read the scripture, that is not what it says at all! By the way “Gospel” means good news, and the erroneous teaching of the Holy Spirit convicting you of sin, in not good news at all! The Thayer definition of the word gospel is: the proclamation of the grace of God manifest and pledged in Christ. Now that’s good news!

The Holy Spirit will convince you of your righteousness (innocence) confirming the finished work of the cross, and the fact that in Christ your innocence has been restored, He wants you to know you now have right standing with God, because your sins and iniquities He REMEMBERS NO MORE! (Heb 8:12 “…I will not at all remember their sins and their lawless deeds.” And Heb 10:17 then He adds, “THEIR SINS AND THEIR LAWLESS DEEDS I WILL REMEMBER NO MORE.”) How could God not remember them, and yet remind (convict) us of them?? Only through grace is the confusion removed. Yes!!! That puts amazing back into grace!!! Reign in life today, knowing you are righteous. (Romans 5:17 …those who receive the abundance of grace, and the gift of righteousness, will reign in life, through the One, Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit lovingly reminds you today, my beloved, YOU are righteous!

Pro 10:12 …love covers all sin. God is love, and in Christ, He removed all sin, the one sin the world is convicted of, is not believing, what Jesus has done for us at Calvary. God always does exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we can ask or think! What an amazing God!! Oh yeah!! He didn’t just cover, He removed it! Wow!

How Good God Really Is, And What It Means To You!

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Luk 16:16    “The Law and the Prophets were until John; since then the good news of the kingdom of God is preached, and everyone forces his way into it. ESV

Jesus said that the good news of God’s kingdom is being preached and everyone is forcing his way into it. In this message, learn what the right message is, that causes people to force their way into it. The right message gets the right response. And what is the right message? Join Evan in this teaching, to hear what that message is.

Don’t Let Your Life Before Grace Stop You From Living Your New Found Life Of Grace!

Forgive those who didn’t know any better when they taught you. A full encounter with God’s grace leaves you anchored, not angered. ~Andrew Farley~

When we look back before understanding the grace of God, sometimes we feel cheated and even hurt because of what we were taught and the way we were treated, and manipulated by a mixture of law and grace religion. Don’t dwell on that, it will only continue to hold you back from enjoying the fullness of the freedom that we have in Christ. Focus on the freedom of the finished work of the cross, and do as Paul said in Philippians 3:8-9. He counted all the good and the bad things in his past, a loss, considered them as dung, so that he might know the righteousness of God, not of works (or self effort) but righteousness by faith! Paul knew not to get hung up on the hurts, but to grow in this gospel of grace!

Today is a new day, the past is dead, and buried, you now know (and continue to learn) your new identity in Christ, live your life, enjoy this freedom, be fully persuaded and rest in this truth. You are innocent, don’t let the past make you feel guilty again.

Dwelling on past hurts only distract you from enjoying this new found grace and freedom. Throw it all in the dung pile and walk away! Enjoy your new life as if you never had a past.

Believe And Be At Rest!

To believe something, is to be fully persuaded that it is true, and that you are qualified to have it. If you have to “earn” (in any way, shape or form) by performing, then you will always question if you have “done enough” to fulfill the requirements to qualify. The performance requirement produces doubt!

The only thing to “do,” to receive all the benefits of the finished work of the cross, is to believe. Be fully persuaded that because of Jesus’ obedience, (not yours) you are qualified.

When you believe, then your mind is at rest. We have His rest, and live from His rest, because we have believed.

Think about this: You can rest at night when you believe you are secure. If you wake up thinking you forgot to lock the door, then you find yourself in un-rest. Jesus is your security, for your health, provision, safety, peace and rest. He finished it at the cross! Do you believe that? Then be at rest my friend, you are secure in the secret place of the most high, where you are ALWAYS accepted and loved!

What you believe will either propel you into His grace, or keep you bound in the law. Everything you do daily is based on your belief system. So if you believe right, you will live right! Be at rest! May you experience the endless riches of His grace, and be forever blessed!

I Believe!!
I Believe!!

Knowing Your Father’s Love, Will Produce Victory!

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Many Christians experience failures in their lives, however when you take a close look you will see that as Peter said, “we have forgotten that we were forgiven”… and John said “we lack understanding of how much God loves us,” these are two reasons for this, and self-condemnation quickly follows. Understanding our Father’s love towards us, will turn your failures into victories.