Rest & Reign!

Rest & Reign

I have received infinitely more from being in His rest, than I have from my own self efforts.

My efforts produced hardships, labors, and annoyances, just toiling for daily substance. Although it may seem you are successful at times, it always came with a price, health, family, relationships, compromise, fear, anxiety and just plain hardships, labors and annoyances! (Col 1:21 Mirror) your indifferent mind-set alienated you from God INTO a lifestyle of annoyances, hardships, and labors. (From the word: wicked or evil, also the root meaning is “toiling for daily substance”) Yet He has NOW fully reconciled and restored you to your original design.

His rest (from knowing His love and your restored identity) has brought peace, contentment, and a knowing that all that He has is mine, and abundantly. he said “I have given you all things pertaining to life and godliness.”

His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. In and through Jesus He has re-introduced us to ourselves, in Him, His ways and thoughts are ours, yet still vastly different from the worlds wisdom! Resting in trouble is completely opposite, to the worlds wisdom. Ignore the wisdom of the world and rest in Him.

Find out what He has said, His view and opinion of you, which is the same view and opinion that He has of Jesus. Believe it, behold the finished work, your completed redemption; then rest, be still and KNOW that He is God!

Aww this is life, the (Zoe) God kind and quality of life! It is yours! His abundance of grace and gift of righteousness, has equipped you to reign as Jesus in this life, now! As He is, so are you in this world!

Understanding Love And Effortless Change!

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Don’t try to change your behavior, the change is in what we believe. All lasting change in our lives will be effortless, based on what we believe about the finished work of the cross. If we believe we must change something to be qualified, loved and accepted, then we will attempt to make that change, based on a lie. This produces performance based Christianity. We are already qualified, loved, and accepted. God wants heart transformation, not behavior modification. In this message you will be pleasantly blessed at how simple and impact-full this good news of grace is.

The Measure Of A Man!

The worlds wisdom has a standard by which we measure a man. Our opinion of a person is based on what they do, what they drive, what they wear, how successful they appear, and then we form our opinion. Our opinion of ourself is usually based on what we do, or what we think we have accomplished, based on our self efforts. Sometimes our opinion of ourself is formed by other people’s opinion of us, good or bad. This is foolishness to God. His opinion is based on Jesus. His opinion of you is the SAME opinion He has of Jesus!! His opinion of you is not based on what you do, or drive, but on His unconditional love for you!

Doubt, is to believe something about you that God does not believe about you, or you simply disagree with God’s opinion of you. This is a result of self condemnation. You condemn yourself because you believed a lie instead of God’s opinion of you. Unbelief is another way to put this, and God sees unbelief as evil (twisted) and even calls unbelief an evil heart of unbelief. Hebrews 3:12 (Mirror) Make sure that none of you tolerates the poison of unbelief in your hearts, allowing callousness to distract and distance you from the living God. Hebrews 4:6 It is clear then that there is still an opportunity to enter into that rest which Israel failed to access because of their unbelief…

Choose today to believe what God believes about you, His opinion of you is exactly the same as His opinion of Jesus. Wow! As He is, so are we in this world. Let us not compare ourselves with ourselves in order to arrive at an opinion of ourselves, rather let us simply believe and receive God’s opinion of us. Anything short of that is unbelief. Let us enter into His rest believing what He has said about us, and has done for us. Hebrews 4:10 God’s rest celebrates His finished work; whoever enters into God’s rest immediately abandons his own efforts to compliment what God has already perfected. Celebrate God’s opinion of you today, and reign in life! He LOVES you and He demonstrated His LOVE for you on the cross!

God’s View And Opinion Of You, vs Condemnation

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(Note: the first 10 seconds of the audio/video are silent) What is your opinion of yourself? Your opinion of yourself, is the basis of your belief system. We can choose to agree with God or not, you have a choice. If we choose not to believe, this produces condemnation resulting in doubt. In this must hear message, you will discover new insights into God’s view and opinion of you! Explore the shocking, yet exciting reality of God’s love, and opinion of you.

Types And Shadows

View Video Listen Download In this weeks video, Sue shares some interesting insights regarding the meaning of names, and how they pointed to Jesus, and our redemption. It is amazing how all through the Bible we see the type and shadows pointing to the finished work of the cross, and the redemption of mankind. This even becomes more apparent when we understand God’s unconditional love and grace.

Why Is No Condemnation Important?

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When Christians condemn themselves, or receive condemnation from others, does this really matter? We are told in first John that if our heart does not condemn us, THEN we have confidence before God, and we have WHATEVER we ask of Him. Is no condemnation important? You bet it is! The effects of self condemnation are devastating, and God’s solution is truly liberating! Be encouraged by this message, as we are liberated from condemning ourselves.