Let Change In Your Life Be Free From Guilt, And Effortless!

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If we believe we must change something in order to be qualified, loved and accepted, then we will attempt change, based on a lie. This produces performance based Christianity. We are already qualified, loved, and accepted. When there is something about our self that we don’t like, then we won’t feel whole or complete until it is changed. We will end up focusing on, and condemning ourselves over whatever it is we think needs changed. In this message discover how freedom from condemnation and guilt will bring effortless change in our lives.

Melody In My Heart

My mind is overjoyed at the melody in my heart. Instruments of praise is what I have inside of me, at my Daddy’s love and acceptance for me. The value of my life cannot be measured in words alone! So Daddy displayed for all to see, Jesus my Savior who died for me. Who rose again in a triumphant way, conquering sin, death, hell and the grave. Bringing my enemy to complete devastation, and his knee has to bow before His great name.

A shout of victory can be heard throughout all nations, Christ our Savior has made peace between God and man. The only requirement is that we believe. Believe in His son Jesus the perfect sacrifice for sin. For sin made a separation between God and man. God’s redemptive work was completed when Jesus paid the price, and cried “it is finished.” So now you can live, and you who believe, a life that is acceptable and well pleasing by Daddy God. Not by our works and good deeds, but by Jesus finished work, and His work alone.

How my heart sings and the instruments of praise inside of me, a loving Daddy, who’s so in love with you and me. That’s the price of His love, that was paid on Calvary. My heart cries out Daddy Daddy thank you, for your never-ending love and acceptance of me, and for all those you love, my prayer is that they believe.

Let your heart cry out and let the instruments of praise ring within you; for nothing can separate God’s love from you and me. For not one thing can separate us from God’s love! ~ Sue

Fasting-A Grace Perspective

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When we look at fasting in the new covenant, we need to look at it through the finished work of the cross, and God’s unconditional love. In this message we look at fasting from a grace perspective. This topic has tripped up a lot of believers, however when you see it through the finished work, it becomes clear, and a effortless blessing versus an act of desperation.

Love Is The Music Of The Heart!

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In this special message I have a guest Bill Ruhl with me on the set, he is the minister of music in the church. In this message, we discuss the grace music Bill has written, and is recording. Soon Bill will be releasing this music to the public via iTunes. The message contained in his music, is radical grace, and some of the best I have heard. He shares his testimony, and insights into what a difference grace has made in His music, and in this the love of God is experienced.

Global Grace News July-August 2013 Edition

Jul-Aug 3013 GGN
The July – August 2013 Global Grace News, newsletter has been posted, to view this edition, please click on the picture icon of the newsletter for the web PDF version. Again some great articles, including one I wrote titled: “What Is The Power Of God” You can Also access Global Grace News by clicking here: Global Grace News. You will be blessed! God’s richest blessings are already yours, reign in life today!

Financial Provision (Generosity Of God) Part 4

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The generosity of God, is described in God’s great love for us. We love because He first loved us! Because of our understanding of God’s love, the height, depth, length and width, we are filled with the fullness of God. We can now express love, and our giving is an expression of His love in us. The very nature and generosity of God in you! As you desire, not under compulsion or manipulation, but what you have purposed in your heart. His provision is based on what Jesus has done, not what you can do, nor a formula to follow; it is because of the obedience of one man Jesus. In part 4 learn to rest in the security of His love, knowing He will richly provide for you! Rom 8:32    He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?