Obedience And The Mind Of Christ; Today Is The Day Part 3

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Php 2:5    Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. What is the mind of Christ? In this message, we look at obedience, what it really means, and what is the mind of Christ, and how you know you have the mind of Christ. Understanding God’s love and grace truly brings simplicity to the gospel. Share the good news with someone today.

“What Were We Waiting For?” Today Is The Day, Now Is The Time! Part 2

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“Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing!” We have been incorrectly taught that the fullness of salvation is a future event, even though it was “complete” at the cross. In fact, Jesus proclaimed; “TO PROCLAIM THE ACCEPTABLE YEAR OF THE LORD.” [the day when salvation and the free favors of God profusely abound] What were we waiting for? Hear this message, and be lifted and inspired with the very good news of our salvation.

5 Signs of Nose-Punching Preachers By Paul Ellis

A re-blog from a great article written by Paul Ellis, enjoy!

A recent article in Charisma News warns about the dangers of ear-tickling preachers and their deceptive message. An ear-tickler is someone who tells you what you want to hear. In contrast, a nose-puncher is one who tells you what he wants you to hear, and typically does so with all the fervor of an Old Testament judge or prophet.Continue readingArticle by Paul Ellis at escapetoreality.org Thank you Paul!

Grace Refresher; The Mystery Revealed!

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Many Christians are busy fighting an enemy that is defeated, trying to finish a work that has already been completed, and they wonder why they can’t find rest. In this message, be refreshed with good news and the simplicity of His gospel. Don’t let the system of religion tell you otherwise; Don’t trust any system that only gives you a small taste and teases you about something and promises you more if you come back. That’s how drug dealers work. They only give you enough to get you addicted then once you are, they own you.