Dead Men And Their Dreams Pt 3 (Law Vs Love)

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Death changes everything! Unless a seed of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone, if it dies, (we died with Him) then it bears fruit. When does it bear fruit? When it dies. You my friend already died the fruit is effortless. It’s never too late for your dreams in life. Join us today as we look at freedom, the truth that we died with Christ, and we can now truly live! This message will bless you, and encourage you to live and enjoy this freedom that Jesus came to give us.

Unbelief And The Fallen Mindset Pt 2 (Law vs Love)

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Today in part 2 we take a closer look at unbelief and the fallen mindset, which helps us with understanding what the “Deceitfulness of sin” really is. God has given us His thoughts, we now have available “The mind of Christ,” His ways can be our ways. Listen in and you will be greatly blessed. This message leads us to the exciting grand finale next week, which was supposed to be this week. Sorry.

Law vs Love-Dead Men’s Passions

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This message is full of the amazing good news of God’s grace, I will walk through two of three important points to help us resolve and understand the revelation of the grace of God, discovering through theses points that this is the Gospel. I also discuss the deceitfulness of sin, exactly how it works to pull Christians back under the law. Take the time to listen to part 1 and you WILL be blessed, next week part 2 the grand finale, it will get your juices flowing.