Between The Lines Outside The Boundaries

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Religion dictates boundaries concerning God’s Love as a form of control. The result is a constant battle with condemnation that influences how we perceive God feels about us. If we do not abandon the boundaries that have been placed upon God’s Love for us, then we cannot respond to Him as a loving father. Only thru Love can we step out from those boundaries and see between the lines. Listen in as Bill challenges us to interpret and understand God’s word from a revelation of His love. Religion has boxed people in, yet God in His love tells us “it was for freedom, that Christ has set us free!”

Psychology defines low self-esteem. Learn why Grace is the cure all! (The Bottom Line)

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How does psychology define low self-esteem? Learn the religious connection between low self-esteem and religion, and how unconditional love and grace is the only real cure. If you have faced struggles in life, as we all have, you will be fascinated and blessed by this message.

Grace Supplies Faith!

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It seems clear to me that the source of our life [all life] is from God, and God being the source of life means that truth is confirmed by its source; (with Jesus came grace and truth.) It is divinely built in us, it is life, His life is love for God IS love, in this message I give evidence to substantiate that “the measure” of faith given to all men (Rom 12:3) is first His faith, and second awakened by the love and good news from our Father. Listen in and be blessed as you discover effortless faith.

Does the Hyper-Grace Gospel Promote Lawlessness? A Response to Daniel Norris

A re-blog from another great article written by Paul Ellis, enjoy!

Yet another article has come out in Charisma News maligning the hyper-grace gospel and those of us who preach it. In it, Daniel Norris worries that preaching grace without the law leads to the sort of lawlessness that Jesus said “would abound in the last days” (Matt. 24:12). The implication is that those of us who preach this message are causing the love of many to grow cold. As others have claimed, our heretical teachings may be responsible for a last day’s apostasy sends millions to hell.

The punchline of this latest article is that we would delight in the old covenant law, as David did, and so right the “tilting ship” of unbalanced grace.

Since I am one of those who preaches the “toxic theology” of hyper-grace, and since I have long argued that the law has no relevance for the believer, permit me to respond to the accusations made in the article, which I summarize in eight points: Click here (or on the picture) to continue reading…Article by Paul Ellis at Thanks again Paul!

Condemnation Obscures God’s Love!

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This gospel does not require faith, this gospel supplies faith. Like the many facets of a beautiful diamond, as we discover ourselves in Christ our very identity is Christ, we also experience His un-conditional love, acceptance, and grace, we also begin to see just how amazing and stunningly beautiful that God is! Any condemnation experienced, especially self-condemnation begins to obscure God’s love, and we shift into repair and fix mode, (self-effort) going from grace back to works, trying to fix the problem (that Jesus already fixed). Thinking we must do this to be pleasing to God. Listen to this timely message and be blessed!