Missing The Mark, What Is It?

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What is the law? Paul said in Romans 7:7 “The law in itself is not sinful; I am not suggesting that at all.” he also went on to say in Romans 7:12 that the law was complete (holy.) We will explore the meaning of this briefly this week and in more detail next week. We also explore the meaning of “missing the mark,” (sin) and look at it in its simplest terms. Join us on this weeks journey of discovering God’s love and grace revealed in Christ Jesus and the finished work, you will be glad you did. In it your complete innocence is revealed! Yahoo!!! This is a continuation of The “Logic of God-Logic of Man” series, part 5.

Admit One

Admit one
Here is a thought for you. How much time do you think about your ticket when you are in the theater? Sure, the ticket is important and you keep it in your pocket, but don’t you get involved in what is going on around you when you’re in there? Do you see other people staring at their tickets oblivious to where they are at? Of course not. Who in their right mind would go just for that reason?

Ok, let’s use this as a bit of an analogy. The ticket is your forgiveness and the theater is the abundant life Jesus promised us. Unfortunately, religion would have you fixated on the ticket so that you miss the main event!

I would never discount what Jesus did for us concerning sin but there is so much more. If you find yourself in a continuous battle with sin (failing, asking for forgiveness, failing, asking……over and over) then you are missing the abundant life. You were not redeemed to be redeemed over and over.

Stop bringing sacrifices to the Lord when you mess up. Your sacrifices always require another one while His Sacrifice ends them all. As long as you feel the responsibility to ‘deal’ with something Jesus ‘dealt’ with, you’re just looking at the ticket. The relief that seems to come when you pray or do something for God because you sin is nothing like the joy of knowing you are already forgiven, for everything.

Enjoy the show.
PS refreshments will be served!

Logic of God-Logic of Man (Anxious Predictions 4)

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Join us as we explore anxious predictions we make about ourselves when we fall in the religious trap of believing that we are unworthy. We look at how anxious predictions can become self fulfilling prophecy, and how our redemption in Christ brings the heart transformation that brings true freedom. We also discover the “one mark” that man has striven to reach from Adam to now, and how Jesus fixed it but people today are still missing the same mark. What is it? And why are they still doing it? Find out and be blessed!

Close Your Eyes and Imagine…

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment, a place that you can go to, be yourself without fear or condemnation, a place of full acceptance of you just the way you are! A place where you don’t have to try to chase and find God’s will for your life, but discover you are God’s will! A place where you discover God’s love, goodness and acceptance always at all times! A place where unconditional love is truly UNCONDITIONAL and without any obligation! A place where your not forced, manipulated, coerced, or commanded to change, because you discover you are loved by God just the way you are and He is perfectly pleased with you!

Sounds kind of like Heaven doesn’t it?

A place of perfect peace and resting in the love, health and provision of our savior Jesus. Does this place even exist? A place of discovery of who you really are, how loved you really are. A treasure and discovery that religion has been afraid you would someday find, your true identity, God’s dream unveiled in you! The finished work of the cross, so complete, so exciting that it will amaze you beyond words, and bring an effortless peace in your life. Yes this place does exist and once you discover it, you will never go back. Come join us on a journey into the unmeasured heights, the expansive depths, the endless widths and the lengths that are truly without measure, His love which will fill you with all of His fullness and bring you exceedingly above and beyond all that you can ask or think! Now open your eyes, pinch yourself it is real…amazing grace, yes grace WITHOUT measure!

Logic of God-Logic of Man (Rules For Living 3)

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In part 3 we look at our third point regarding low self-esteem. We look at the steps of how low self-esteem started, and religions’ involvement in it. We discover how it brings us to feeling compelled to develop “rules to live by.” This is part of a defeating cycle that only God’s grace and discovery of our worth and true identity can bring true lasting victory in life.

Logic of God-Logic of Man (Biased Thinking 2)

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Why do people do certain things that keep holding them back, causing them to repeat failures? Today we explore some of what causes the problems, but more importantly what Jesus did to bring victory peace and rest through His love and grace! You will enjoy this message, as we look at the psychology of man, why we think and therefore do certain things repeatedly which seems to bring on hardships and failures. We explore the logic of God in our perfect redemption through Christ Jesus.