Fellowship-Encouragement in His Love and Your True Identity

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It is for freedom that Christ has set us free, and our fellowship strengthens our lives, and strengthens the reality of God’s grace, our identity, and His complete redemption in us. People feel charged and excited when they hear the radical message of His love and grace for them; but can begin to lose heart when there is no one there to encourage and remind them of their true redeemed identity. We need one another and we need grace fellowship with one another.

Religious Skeletons And Your Grace Walk

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Many people with religious backgrounds find grace just too good to be true, although they like the sound of it, and even try it, but as soon as a trial confronts them, fear and offense takes them back to the law-to be pleasing and accepted by their own good works. Conversely many have religious hurts that they refuse to let go of which seems to also hinder their full freedom in Christ. In this message, we explore some of these stumbling blocks.