The Distraction of Comparing Ourselves

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We were created unique and unlike anyone else, even as everyone’s fingerprints are different, so are we. To compare ourselves to others will always lead to frustration, guilt and condemnation in life. Discover God’s Love for you and live your uniqueness, there is no one else like you, and you don’t have too try to be like someone else. Discover your freedom in being who YOU are in Christ.

An Obstructed View ~ Pharisees Pt 3

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The Pharisees presented a perverted view of what God was like, and Jesus came to show us what God was really like…Love. Legalism attempts to obstruct our view of Jesus and the finished work. Listen in as we look at how legalism (Pharisee-ism) attempts to hinder us from seeing the finished work of the cross, and the peace, rest and true freedom from these hardships, labors and annoyances.