2016 ~What Lies Ahead~ 2016

What Lies Ahead
For some, there are things that have seemed to have defeated you in the past, and because of fear you will not step out in faith. You dismiss it from your mind and say “I’m not doing that ever again.”

And for some there are things you have given up on, saying “I guess it wasn’t meant to be.”

And for some there are things in your life that try to convince you that God doesn’t care, and you slip into depression and say “how long shall this last, how long can I endure?”

But I say to you those things that have troubled you shall be no more. For I say those things will now succumb to victory this year. Victory is not on the horizon, for victory is here. Have not I made you righteous by my Son Jesus Christ? Did I not say in righteousness shall thou be established, and did I not say thou shall be far from oppression? For you shall not fear terror for it shall not come near you.

For it is time to draw a line in the sand. It is time to raise your hands in victory and take a stand. To declare my love for you and your victory in Christ. It is time you put the enemy under your feet with all of his lies. For surely I tell you your victory has already been decreed and has already been guaranteed!

So believe what I say and say what I believe and so shall you walk free in 2016! And others will see and also believe and walk free with you. For then shall my gospel go forth throughout the land and so shall my Kingdom expand and expand for time is at hand. Many will cry out Jesus save me and you will witness great miracles by My own hand; for you see I am in you and work through you, and GREAT GRACE shall be upon you, and great shall the victory be!
~Sue Beecham December 2015~