Life’s Journey With Jesus!

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There are many distractions “away from” the gospel in life, in this episode we discuss the biggest distraction/obstacle that keeps us from our focus of the truth about us, as we are also reinforced about the truth concerning us. Listen in and find out, (in the next 30 minutes), what that distraction is. You will be encouraged at all the possibilities! Blessings to you, your are loved and accepted.

Thank You!

Thank You Word Cloud Concept with great terms in different languages such as merci, mahalo, danke, gracias, kitos and more.
We want to thank everyone worldwide for your support of this ministry, as we share the exceedingly good news of the gospel. we have reached over 100 nations and are just a few months away from 1 million hits, with almost 30,000 people listening to, or viewing the messages and rapidly climbing, not to mention the articles which have been read by hundreds of thousands. Most of our growth has been in the last 2 years. We make all our messages available for free online. Thank you for participating in this gospel outreach, we appreciate you!

I remember when I first learned of this wonderful message of God’s grace, I found that as I looked for messages to feed on, most at that time they were for a price. My wife and I determined then to make the messages of this amazing gospel of grace available to anyone interested for free. Please continue to share these messages with your family, friends and the world. If you have not shared them via Facebook and other means, please consider doing so, for you never know who’s life will forever be radically changed by Gods love and the message of the finished work of the cross. We can all participate in sharing the gospel to the nations through our sharing of these messages online. We know many of you, whom we have never personally met, have already been a part of…spreading this good news to the nations of the world. We also would like to have you send us your prayer request, as we pray for you this year. If you would like to contribute to this ministry, please use the “Donate” button on the left side of this page.

Again Thank you and Blessings to you!!