Love Expo: Maturing of the Saints Part Five (Love vs Works)

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AUDIO ONLY In today’s message (audio only) we explore how “love motivated” works (or better known as good works) differ as day and night from our own “self efforts,” apart from love; which then becomes performance based works righteousness. Listen in to today’s message and be blessed beyond measure!! Love vs works, which is the most effective inspiration?  If we believe right, then we will live right.

Love Expo: Maturing of the Saints Part Three

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Love, the most powerful force, ever known. The maturing of the Believers holds some very exciting things in these “times.” Listen in and be forever blessed and watch God’s favor come on you and overtake you!

Love Expo: Maturity of the Saints Part One

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There are many topics we can desire to learn, however this topic, in my opinion, clearly is the most important, because it IS GOD! Through this teaching we will understand the maturity of the Saints in a way that is so simple, yet overlooked, as many believers are looking for the “deep revelation.” The “deep revelation” of God and His Kingdom, are found in this topic. Not sure? Join me and see for yourself! You will be blessed!