Love Expo: Maturity of the Saints Part One

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There are many topics we can desire to learn, however this topic, in my opinion, clearly is the most important, because it IS GOD! Through this teaching we will understand the maturity of the Saints in a way that is so simple, yet overlooked, as many believers are looking for the “deep revelation.” The “deep revelation” of God and His Kingdom, are found in this topic. Not sure? Join me and see for yourself! You will be blessed!

Thinking Outside The Box…Expanding Our Thinking 1

Thinking box1This series addresses the importance of learning to “Think outside the box”. or in other words, grasping the amazing salvation plan, and the liberation/transformation of elevating our thinking to His. Listen in and let you thinking open new doors of possibilities, allowing you to live a limitless life.

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There is NO Rest in guilt!

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There is NO Rest In guilt! People, daily, make guilt based decisions, react, and do things for people out of guilt; and constantly live in guilt and regret. Guilt does not reside with rest, it just won’t work. Listen in, and be exceedingly blessed and learn to live guilt free in a guilt ridden world! Audio only.

The Antidote To Fear

With fear running rampant all over, and especially with this Corona Virus Pandemic, it becomes more “essential” that we wake up to the ONLY antidote to fear. Take a walk around now and even when there isn’t a pandemic, and fear levels are HIGH! EVEN among Christians! Very High! This ought not to be so. We have a solution, let’s wake up to it! Listen in to this GOOD NEWS, and receive and be Blessed!


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